After Xiao Fubao’s life was stolen, he became the favorite of everyone in the capital

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Niu Niu was secretly stolen by bad guys when she was just born. She was thrown into the wild and picked up by the Zhang family who could not give birth to a child.

When she was five years old, the Zhang family got a precious golden grandson. She thought she was unlucky and allowed her high fever to persist.

The eldest sister-in-law who returned to her parents’ home was anxious: Who said our Niuniu is unlucky? She is obviously a little lucky girl. If you don’t raise her, I will!

Niu Niu no longer has endless housework to do, and she can still eat with a round belly. The family holds her in the palm of their hands and loves her.

Zhang’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law waited every day to see their sister-in-law’s jokes, hoping that Niuniu would kill their adoptive mother and her entire family.

But she waited and waited.

The adoptive mother’s family built a house and bought land, and life became more and more prosperous day by day. The adoptive father also passed the imperial examinations, passed the imperial examinations, won the first prize, and moved the whole family to the capital to become a high-ranking official!

In the year when Niu Niu got married, all the dignitaries in the capital discovered that the adopted daughter of the Imperial Master’s family looked exactly like Mrs. Xian Guo when she was young!

(The bitchy mother, the scheming father, the eccentric grandmother who protects the shortcomings, the brothers and sisters who control their sisters to the core, the heroine group dotes on the Fuwa, sweet and refreshing articles, if you pass by, don’t miss it~)

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