After wearing a book, I became a small oil bottle

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Su Jiu died on his birthday, and unexpectedly slipped into an ancient sadomasochism novel and became a cute four-year-old child.

When the little cute baby grows up, she becomes the vicious female supporting character in the book. If this is not enough, how can she break up if her father is a loser?

Su Jiu said that she was heartbroken because of this father.

“Dad, you are not allowed to eat, please stay in shape! ”

“Dad, there is an announcement tomorrow morning, please prepare! ”

“Dad, cheer me up! Don’t you want to find a stepmother for me? ”

“Dad, it’s time to give you an award. You should quickly think of the words to speak on stage! ”

With her rescue, my father suddenly became a top-notch celebrity from a black star on the Internet. As the only heir, Su Jiu lived a happy life and could live in peace and wait until death. But–

Wait a minute, why is this dark, paranoid, ruthless villain in Mao’s book not pestering the heroine but instead pestering her? Σ(°△°|||)

Didn’t she just send him warmth a few times when he was a child, and she was remembered?

Many years later, the villain boss dominates the business and entertainment circles with only one hand!

The father, who is a maniac about doting on girls, finally realized that an evil wolf was eyeing his daughter, and fearfully taught her all kinds of safety knowledge. Cherish life and stay away from big guys.

The villain boss sneered sinisterly, “Xiaojiu, marry me, I will give you everything and my life will be yours. Otherwise, I will ban your father and make him fall as high as he stands! ”

Su Jiu, “… ? ? ”

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