After Transmigrating as the Vicious Cannon Fodder

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Ye Qingyun traveled across the world and transmigrated into a dog-blooded Danmei, becoming the vicious cannon fodder in it.

In the novel, the protagonist Gu Shenyuan was cold and heartless, and never had a crush on anyone, even if the people in the whole book tried every way to attack him, he remained indifferent.

Ye Qingyun remembered the ending of that book, where Gu Shenyuan stood on a high building, looking at the couple making out downstairs, with a mocking sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Ye Qingyun didn’t think he was that capable of attacking the protagonist, and he planned to diligently complete his mission and get rid of it as sonn as possible.

However, the eyes of the protagonist looking at him seemed to be getting more and more wrong?


Gu Shenyuan thought that it was impossible for him to fall in love with anyone in his life.

Just because he has a strange bloodline, although he is powerful, as long as he falls in love with someone, he will never be able to betray or leave, otherwise the spiritual sea will be devastated.

As a walking human weapon, the strongest person in the world, Gu Shenyuan’s life was filled with countless calculations. Everyone hoped that Gu Shenyuan would fall in love with him, and everyone hoped that they could use that love to climb to a higher position.

No one was genuinely kind to him, and he wouldn’t be moved by anyone.

It wasn’t until Ye Qingyun appeared that Gu Shenyuan realized that there would be people who would treat him sincerely, without expecting anything in return.


After knowing everything, Ye Qingyun researched a potion and handed it to Gu Shenyuan: “I’ll make you an antidote, if you drink it, you won’t be affected by your bloodline anymore and you can do whatever you want.”

Gu Chenyuan raised his hand and poured all the bottle of precious antidote into the mud.

He loves him and doesn’t need an antidote.

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