After the villains heard my voice, they all lost their composure.

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Yan Muan has entered a male pornographic novel. As the cannon fodder assistant of the cannon fodder male partner, one moment she is holding a knife and shouting to kill the emperor, and the next moment she is tied up and asked to exorcise demons and subjugate demons!

Even if he wants to commit suicide, the husband in name only spends all his time thinking about how to unseat the halo-blessed male protagonist and focus on a qualified villain!

It’s a pity that the success failed, and both husband and wife became the stepping stone for the hero to conquer the world. It’s sad!

The plot was so unfriendly to her, so Yan Muan said that it was just like that, just lie down, pose, and love as you please!

At the banquet, she turned a deaf ear to the ridicule, turned on the melon-eating system and tried to eat melon, “Ah, Mrs. Liu who just mocked me cuckolded General Liu, and the other party was her cousin, eh~”

Mrs. Liu who ridiculed her was shaking like chaff and talking nonsense, she was spreading rumors!

At the state banquet, faced with provocation from envoys from other countries, she continued to eat melon, “Ah, the prince opposite is a fake. Is the real prince in danger at this moment? ”

The emperor’s eyes flashed. Where is the real prince? He must be saved!

Faced with the increasingly passionate eyes of the widowed husband, Yan Mu’an looked coldly at her. How dare he miss her when he died young!

However, after listening to her voice, the widowed king took the exciting benefits, smiled like a spring breeze, and said:

“Princess, there are envoys from other countries who are arrogant, and I would like to ask you to come forward and confront them. ”

“Princess, the disaster is urgent. The adults are crying out for poverty because of their wealth. I would like to ask you to take action. ”

“Princess, I don’t have any children yet, so I would like to invite you… ”

“roll! ! ”

Yan Mu’an is super fierce. Where is the character of the widowed king that was agreed upon?

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