After the rebirth of Madam Hou Clan, her heart was sealed with cement

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Tan Zhixu became a widow in the Hou family as soon as she got married. She worked hard and complained for 20 years, but was pushed out to take the blame for her sister-in-law and was put on the guillotine.

Once he was reborn, Tan Zhixu felt like vomiting when he saw the hypocritical faces of everyone in the Hou family!

She decided to pretend to be a pig and eat the tiger, while working as a cow and a horse for the Hou Mansion, she also secretly took revenge.

“The old lady is in trouble, the embroidery workshop is closed! ”

“The old lady is in trouble, the restaurant is closed! ”

“The old lady is in trouble, all the property in the Hou Mansion has been sold out! ”

Tan Zhixu was like a mouse carrying rice and grain. Little by little, he finally became the richest man.

At this time, the Hou Mansion just woke up from a dream, luring the wolf into the house, luring the wolf into the house!

Tan Zhixu counted the money and got revenge. A man named Feng Shenxuanyi broke in through the door. He was wearing an official robe with flying bird and cloud patterns, and he had a murderous aura around him.

“Captain, what crime did the civilian woman commit? ”

Tan Zhixu was frightened. Although this person was a childhood sweetheart, he was a person who was feared by everyone in the government and the public.

The man had a cold handsome face and said in a deep voice, “Zhixu, can I become a regular employee now? ”

Tan Zhixu hurriedly closed his money bag and said, “Become a regular employee? Do you want to share the spoils? ”

Gu Huaijing: … …

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