After the paranoid villain read my mind, his character collapsed

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[Book-wearing + all villains’ mind-reading skills + group pet + crazy criticizing paranoia + contrasting heroine + sweet pet + lighthearted comedy]

Xia Jiuci, a cheerful man who was born with facial paralysis, died suddenly because he stayed up late reading a cultivation-themed novel “Be My King”.

The good news is that she has become a natural spirit and is immortal.

Bad news, she became the daughter of the villain, a saint who will never be born to the demon clan.

Xia Jiuci looked at the beautiful lady in front of her, Mrs. Ji, with an expressionless face, but she was thinking in her heart.

【Mother is so beautiful! Mother, post it! Mom, get rid of your scumbag dad, let’s go together! 】

Mrs. Ji looked down at the serious-faced pink doll in her hand, wondering for the first time if it was her own cub.


Xia Jiuci looked at his senior sister expressionlessly, with serious eyes.

[What a pitiful senior sister, she is about to be robbed of her magic weapon by the protagonist. 】

The eldest sister and her magic weapon became Taoist companions, a death contract.

[Tsk, Second Senior Sister was defrauded of both money and sex. It’s so miserable for a woman. 】

Gradually, everyone discovered why these villains are becoming more and more Buddhist?

Until they saw that even their protagonist’s biggest golden finger, the Sword Master of Wuqingdao, was surrounding a little fox.

CP: Facial paralysis Lezi is born with a spiritual body and a fox spirit Xia Jiuci x uses his body to fit the Taoist sword master Yin Wusi

I have had many dreams and lived many lives.

Until I pulled you into my world, this unchanging world finally came to life.

Reading guide: The logic is self-consistent, the background is empty, don’t argue, stop losses in time, hello, me, hello everyone.

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