After The Official Announcement Of Being Married with Children, I Became Popular

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New actor Ye Yunqing, who had just shown signs of becoming popular, got caught up in a scandal after a video of him being called “Daddy” by a cute child and a blurry photo of him with a wealthy man at a night event.

At this time, the newly crowned movie emperor, Cheng Jingyao, posted a Weibo:

@Cheng Jingyao: The luxury car is mine, the child is mine, and @Ye Yunqing is also mine, my lover whom I have loved since childhood. [Attached picture: childhood photo marriage certificate]

The movie emperor’s fans, who were just watching the show, were shocked to hear about their idol’s scandal: ⊙o⊙??? Brother! If you have been kidnapped, just blink your eyes!

Soon after, the “Cheng-Yun Soars” couple appeared together with their photographed child on a family live-streaming variety show.

The baby is round and plump, with rosy lips and fair skin. He holds a milk bottle and sucks on it then flashes a shy smile at the camera, revealing a pair of sweet dimples.

Fans: Ahhhh I can’t handle this! Please have two more babies!

Cheng Jingyao & Ye Yunqing: Actually, it’s not us who have this child!

When asked why they appeared on the show, the child spoke in a cute and milky voice to the camera, saying, “I hope everyone won’t say bad things about my daddy. My daddy is not the sea king, he promised to marry my big daddy when he was three years old!”

Ye Yunqing blushed and quickly hugged the child.

Cheng Jingyao: Sorry, my lover is shy.

Fans: Damn it! How can this be so sweet that it makes my nose bleed?!

Later, the two played as a pair of lovers who love and fight each other in a collaborative drama.

Fans: Scumbag! Let go of my wife!

Cheng Jingyao: ??? That’s my wife!

Fans: Dream on! The wife belongs to everyone!

[A shameless and doting husband (Cheng) a handsome and cold beauty (Ye) a cute and fluffy little child = a happy family]

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