After the metaphysics live broadcast room went viral: the country targeted it

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Story of: After the metaphysics live broadcast room went viral: the country targeted it

[Live Broadcast + Fortune Telling + Ghost Hunting + Wealth Release + Case Solving + Cool Articles + Sweet Pets] Cheng Nuo, the God of Wealth in the Heaven, stole Yue Lao’s red thread and was demoted to earth. He was a wild man in the mountains who was blackmailed by the entire Internet. His parents despised him and the world reviled him. Don’t live to be 23 years old. In order to save his life, Cheng Nuo broadcasts free live broadcasts to help people tell fortunes, accumulate merit, and turn things around. Love brain: “What should I do if my boyfriend always wants to live with me? ” Cheng Nuo: “Hurry up and call the police, he is a serial murderer. ” Surfing expert: “Miss, I am going to meet the goddess I have been dating online for two years. Will we be able to hold hands successfully? ” Cheng Nuo: “No, your goddess is a big man who picks his feet. ” Worker: “I want the winning numbers for the next lottery! ” Cheng Nuo: “I sent it to you, remember to give me half. ” [Ding – Underworld Brush I have participated in twenty carnivals and asked to live broadcast with you. ] Cheng Nuo: “Don’t be afraid, watch me eating melons online. Is Po Meng still chasing Yue Lao recently? ” Pluto: “Help me figure out where Bai Wuchang is hiding, and I’ll give you some melons to eat. ” Other anchors Cheng Nuo is good at both singing and dancing, but relies entirely on his mouth. As soon as the anti-fans were about to troll her, they saw the country’s strong support for her. The anti-fans were so frightened that they turned off the lights and replaced her with another one. The left hand holds wealth, the right hand holds life and death, discerning the secrets of heaven, and calculating human lives. Ding – free fortune telling, do you want a divination?

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