After the marriage, the sick and weak husband fell off the horse

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Xie Chunchao was the daughter of the King of Liao and the most favored princess in the dynasty.

She was born as bright and beautiful as a peony.

Her fiancé, Ning Heng, was both civil and military, rich and handsome, and was the most dazzling husband in Shanngling.

She should have married Ning Heng and had children step by step, and lived her life smoothly.

But on the day Ning Heng returned to court, he brought back a beautiful woman from the border.

Like a blow to the head, many memories that she shouldn’t have suddenly appeared in her mind, and she fainted on the spot.

In her dream, Ning Heng, who loves and protects her, would be indifferent to another woman and speak harshly to her.

But she was entangled in every possible way, as if she had lost her mind, and she was obsessed with it.

In the end, her reputation was ruined, her family was ruined, and the noble princess ended up with a straw mat.

At the Hundred Flowers Banquet, Ning Heng said the same words as she remembered,

“Niao Niao is helpless, simple and kind. Why can’t you tolerate her? ”

“Who else can marry you besides me? ”

In order to completely end the relationship with him, Xie Chunchao pointed out the most handsome man in the crowd.

“He can marry me. ”

Lin Jingrong was the concubine of Lin Yushi family who had just entered Shanling. He was born with picturesque features and stunning beauty.

It’s a pity that he is weak and timid, and it is difficult for him to achieve great things.

With an imperial edict granting marriage, she married Lin Jingrong, who was destined to die young.

After her marriage, she counted the days, figuring out when she would be able to live a happy life with money and power but without a husband.

As a result, she accidentally bumped into her weak and timid husband, who didn’t even dare to kill a chicken. He took a sword and chopped off a man’s head neatly. There were countless corpses at his feet. His fair face was stained with blood, and he smiled lightly at her.

Xie Chunchao’s eyes darkened. Why did he pick the wrong person again this time?

She wants to reconcile! Be at peace!

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