After returning home, the Crown Princess can no longer hide her vest!

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Yu Linlang, who had traveled through another world, was finally taken home.

At first, everyone thought that the daughter-in-law, who had been living outside for twelve years, must be a pathetic little person who was submissive and allowed to be bullied.

As a result, no one in the civil and martial arts family could resist him.

The fake daughter, who has suffered along the way, is worried that her status will be shaken.

The daughter of a royal family member solved the case with one hand, and solved several strange cases such as the demon murder case and the ghost carriage case, and became famous for a while.

The fake gold and silver teeth can be chewed into pieces: so what if you can feel the bones and solve the case? He’s not just a rotten little coward that no one loves! Ugh~

Unexpectedly, on the day of the daughter-in-law’s birthday, the house was filled with gifts like a stream of water.

Everyone was shocked to find out that the daughter-in-law was the favored baby of the Shangjing Huo family, Jinling Su family and other wealthy families.

The fake daughter almost died: so what? I am the most amazing girl in Shuyun Women’s Academy, and I have the best piano skills in chess, calligraphy and painting!

Everyone: How could someone be so outrageous about playing piano with our junior uncle? Sorry, do you know Tianyinshi? Junior uncle is the strongest Tianyin master among us. Use sound to control all things, sound can heal invisible wounds, and can also kill enemies invisible.

With bare hands playing the piano, flying flowers and broken leaves, talking about love affairs, brushing away the layers of veil, and writing a good story.

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