After rebirth, the Yin Prey Prince forced me to coax him

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Jiang Ying was plotted against in his previous life and became an abandoned son. Finally, he died on the street and his body was exposed in the wilderness.

I don’t want to be reincarnated and go back to the time when the conspiracy first started, and I have to avenge the blood feud with my own hands.

Prince Ning, known as the Living King of Hell, had become bloodthirsty and crazy after being held hostage in a foreign country for seven years, but he was the only one who left her peace in her previous life.

While taking revenge, he wanted to take advantage of this lunatic, but he couldn’t get enough of her and refused to obey, almost exhausting her to death.

Miss Jiang Si was very arrogant: “Your Majesty, I’m coaxing you to give you face. Don’t be ignorant of good and evil. ”

Prince Ning drew out his long sword in a cold and evil manner.

Miss Jiang Si immediately panicked: “If you continue to coax her, the worst thing will happen… I will continue to coax you. ”

Everyone was watching the show, waiting for King Ning to kill Jiang Ying, the spy, but all they saw was Jiang Ying spending King Ning’s money and squandering it wantonly, taking advantage of King Ning’s power to show off his power.

A group of green tea and white lotus people were so angry that they tore off countless handkerchiefs.

Miss Jiang Si said: Is Prince Ning very fierce? Take advantage!

Prince Ning’s dark eyes swept over her waist: She was still able to jump up and down, he was indeed too gentle.

Cool, lazy, squeamish female protagonist VS cold, paranoid, sinister and coquettish male protagonist

1V1, double clean, cool article.

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