After rebirth, the Queen and I are on the run.

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In the previous life, Jiang Ying was able to rule the world with his literary skills and open up new territories with his military skills. He was the most wise king in the Great Sheng Dynasty, but he was killed by the queen.

In this life, Jiang Ying only wanted a warm bed for his wife and children, but the queen only loved food and not him.

His brother gave him some advice: “To please a girl, you have to talk sweetly and give her a gift if you have nothing to do. ”

Jiang Ying, I feel justified!


Qin Xiaomi was reborn in the third life. In this life, he just wants to make a fortune with his family, sit on the golden mountain, and live a free and easy life.

But Jiang Dalang from next door came to give her gifts from time to time, including food, gold, silver, precious jade, farm houses and shops, and finally even packed himself up and sent it to her home.

Qin Xiaomi was angry: “What’s wrong with you? Get out of here, or I’ll beat you up! ”

One-on-one pampering, clean body and mind, no male lead, no female lead, there was a misunderstanding in the previous life, the twins were born in another ancient time, the misunderstanding in this life is solved, leading the Huantuo protagonist group to make a fortune and abuse the scum, please collect it ^0^

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