After rebirth, stay away from the best and work hard to make money.

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In the last life, Chai Shiwei married a good man in the eyes of the world. He didn’t smoke, didn’t drink, had no bad habits, and even had a monthly household income of up to [-] yuan.

Mother-in-law: “You’re a waste of money! My son works so hard to make money and you waste it like this! ”

Sister-in-law: “You will be honored to marry my brother! ”

Relative: “I enjoy a lot of fun when I watch it. I don’t have to make any money. I can play with my two children every day. ”

Chai Shiwei: “? ? ”

Just because my husband turned in all his wages, my mother-in-law and sister-in-law felt unbalanced.

But she spent almost no money on her husband’s mortgage, car loan, food, clothing and education for her children, groceries for the family, and property insurance.

My mother-in-law ran away just after the second child was one month old, saying that the land in her hometown was going to be deserted.

She was forced to become a stay-at-home mother, dragging herself behind and having no one to help her.

After living in poverty for more than ten years, she became a sinner who was not human inside and out.

In this new life, I won’t do it anymore! Stay away from you, making money is the way to go!

She turned around and left coolly. In this life, she just wanted to be Chai Shiwei.

Back again, what does Chai Shiwei want to do most, make money!

Catching up with the new era of intelligence, when others are still asking what a smartphone is, she has already focused on mobile phone accessories, such as mobile phone films, mobile phone cases, mobile phone holders, mobile phone radiators, and power banks. She wants to become a mobile phone accessories wholesaler.

When she realizes her ideal step by step.

What? The dog man is also reborn!

Let him die far away and don’t stop me from making money.

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