After Rebirth I Became Spoiled


Su Meng, the tough girl who could change the light bulb and carried the bucket of the water by herself, was reborn as a teenager and got a big golden finger. She wanted to reach the pinnacle of her life by relying on gold fingers, but there seemed to be something wrong?

After rebirth, the daily life of the people around her became like this:

Female Classmate A: Look at that Su Meng, she would cry when even touched. It is really crazy.

Female Classmate B: Su Meng always has a good smell on her body.

Neighbour C: Su Meng from the house next door looks really good, just like a porcelain doll which can easily break when touched.

Neighbour D: Su Meng is so spoiled, who raised her?

The big man raised his lips and smiled evilly, “Your father, I, did what, do you have an opinion?”

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