After reading the mind of Sword and Spirit, I brought all the grievances in my family and went crazy

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After Ruan Qiao passed through the book, he had no system, no script, no plug-ins. He just followed a few senior brothers to study in the mountains for three years. He originally wanted to rely on his intelligence and wisdom to fight the sword to the end of the world and become an immortal, but once he read the mind The sword spirit was shocked to realize that the whole mountain was filled with injustice!

He is the unjust one, and because of the spiritual sword in his hand, he will become the boy who delivers equipment to the heroine, and then he will be cannon fodder.

The eldest brother was feared by his fellow clan members because of his too strong talent. His spiritual roots were dug out and eradicated!

The second senior sister defended her shortcomings and sought justice from the heroine. Not only was she slandered and turned into a demon, but she was also stabbed to death by a scumbag.

Because the third senior brother was too rich, his business was targeted by the heroine’s suitor, and he became a famous money-giving boy, and he did not end well.

The fourth senior brother was bewitched by love, became crazy about the heroine, banged against a wall because of the heroine, and finally died as a sacrifice.

In order to seek justice for them, the master was killed by the script, and all his life savings went to the heroine——

Ruan Qiao: “Mo Dan, a family of six queued up to die and give away equipment. What kind of human suffering is this? ”

Sword Spirit: [God is blind, please help me! 】

So, that day, looking at the heroine who was smiling at him, Ruan Qiao was so excited that he knocked her off the martial arts stage.

It is everyone’s responsibility to refuse to be wronged!

Change your fate against the odds, starting with me!

Upgrade? Plot? Micro-group portrait? CP stew?

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