After reading my mind, all the villains in the family are in trouble

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[Rebirth + family mind reading + group pet + male protagonist + female protagonist, omnipotent and powerful]

Ning Zhishui died on the Tongtian Avenue, just one step away from reaching immortality.

The powerful men from other aristocratic families blocked the last hurdle with their family treasures and laughed at her. One of them kicked her in the face: “Who leaves Daoist Ning without the backing of his family? ”

However, God did not fail her and actually gave her a chance to be reborn!

Ning Zhishui is sharpening his skills and plans to live a new life, and he will take his whole family to ascend together!

What kind of family do you want? My Ning family is the number one family!

I just didn’t expect-

[My father, who eventually became an evil cultivator, was clearly pregnant with immortal bones, but he didn’t realize it all his life, and was finally possessed by that evil person! 】

[Mom, your name as the Poison Fairy is still mentioned and criticized by people hundreds of years after your death. Do you know? 】

[Brother, you are brave, courageous and have extraordinary talents. Why did you fall in love with a white lotus and eventually became a big devil for her? You will not end well! 】

[Second brother, your master is so considerate and considerate to you just to take away your life. You can no longer lose your mind and become his murderous puppet like you did in your previous life! 】

【Auntie! Give up that scumbag, he has already hooked up with your bestie, they are working together to harm you, and then take away your grandpa bracelet! 】

Everyone in the Ning family: …

Is this still available?

In the end, Ning Zhishui looked at his father who discovered the immortal bones, his mother who became a medical fairy, the eldest brother who abandoned Bai Lian, the second brother who killed the master and absorbed the power, and the aunt who kept the treasure bracelet and advanced all the way… I was dumbfounded.

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