After marrying sick Yangzi, I made my whole family rich

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[The strong female farmer was exiled to escape the famine and become rich and sweet pet] Xu Mengxiao, a military doctor in the apocalypse, once traveled into the famine of ancient times, turned out to be a stupid little peasant girl with a reputation as black and ugly? Look at the hundreds of billions of material space on her left hand and the pharmaceutical laboratory on the right hand. From now on, she will be hungry and poor. Say goodbye to her. Her biological father is biased and is reluctant to let her step-sister jump into the fire pit, so he forces her to marry a dying person to celebrate the wedding? Little did she know that her cheap husband had a powerful background. With a single order, a hundred thousand soldiers rushed to her in an instant, and the whole family doted on her! Everyone thought that the Lu family’s daughter-in-law had bad luck, but who would have thought that after Xu Mengxiao entered the house, she went up the mountain to pick up Ganoderma lucidum, went into the water to poke fish nests, filled the tank with oil, and filled the warehouse with rice, leading the Lu family to become a wealthy family! The father-in-law was promoted along the way, the brother-in-law became a brave warrior, and the Lu family’s daughter-in-law became a lucky star in the eyes of the whole village! Later, people also discovered that the legendary Xinglin miraculous doctor, the famous chef in front of the imperial court, and the national hand-painted

Keywords of the novel: After marrying a sick man, I brought my whole family to a sudden fortune. No pop-up window. After marrying a sick man, I brought my whole family to a sudden fortune. Download the full txt version. After marrying a sick man, I brought my whole family to a sudden fortune. Read the latest chapters.

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