After Marriage Agreement with a Disabled Gangster

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Regarding the marriage agreement with the disabled boss: Shen Ci accidentally transmigrates into a book and becomes the tragic protagonist in a rich and dog-blooded novel.

The original owner was the respected young master of the Shen family.

And the object of the marriage is the villain Qin Yi who people talked about in the book.

Qin Yi, a young fame and musical genius, was disabled due to a car “accident” because of this He could only accompany Shen Ci in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Since the “accident” Qin Yi has become gloomy, paranoid, moody, and started staying away from strangers.

Once news spread that young master Shen Ci was going to marry Qin Yi, everyone was waiting to see him being bullied and crying by this surly lunatic.


a month has passed, three months have passed, and half a year has passed… Instead of being bullied and crying, the young master climbed onto the villain’s head and used it as a blessing. The violin was reproduced in a villa comparable to a ghost house. Sound, and the lunatic who was supposed to imprison and torture the young master to death, not only smiled at him, but also fed him cakes by himself!


  disappeared three years of suppression Qin talented pianist, brought new song “by the Light” strong return to the meeting room, he slowly got up in the boy’s arm, in front of everyone, soulful eyes looking to the juvenile and focus: ” Introduce me, this is my love.”


  Later, Shen Ci, who was finally bullied and cried, sat on Qin Yi’s lap, his eyes were red: “If my brother does this again, I will… I will run away from home. !”

The man held him tightly in his arms, clasped his slender fingers around the back of his neck, and whispered in his ear: “I won’t let you run away.” He tried his best to grasp the light, how willing to let go.


Lively and optimistic, bold and daring, little sun beloved × paranoid and surly, single pet, disabled villain attacking

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