After listening to my voice, the villain became addicted to the plot

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[Book travel + mind reading + villain + counterattack + 1V1 double clean + sand sculpture + sweet pet]

The cannon fodder concubine who transformed into the villain and tyrant in the book was buried with him after his death?

I have trypophobia, and I’m afraid of the protagonist group’s too many evil intentions.

She invited herself to the cold palace but was rejected, and ended up becoming the tyrant’s beloved concubine who couldn’t live without him?

Cheng Jin just wants to protect himself and escape with his whole family.

[Dad, I am sorry that you were loyal and dedicated to the country, but you were not used. The king and his ministers were separated, and you died in front of the emperor. 】

[Mom, dad really only loves to impeach and not to support extramarital affairs. Don’t just believe other people’s words. 】

[Brother, you were extremely brave when you went into battle to kill the enemy, but you accidentally made friends and were framed for treason and collaboration with the enemy. You were quartered. 】

Everyone in the Cheng family: “! ! ”

Look for villains, look for moles, and fight to the death to rescue Cheng Jin from the raging harem.

In order to save her whole family, she turned into a dog licker and a showman to control the tyrant. When she saw the tyrant frowning slightly, she was so sad and angry that she didn’t want to live.

“Your Majesty, do you hate me and want to leave me? ”

【You want to leave me? Don’t leave, okay? Fly. 】

The tyrant who heard his voice said: “? ? ”

“How could it be? You are the only one in our three palaces and six courtyards. ”

Cheng Jin looked at the Cheng family who should have died tragically and become more and more prosperous, and the tyrant who should have hated him but was pestering him.

Cheng Jin: ! !

Why is this different from what is said in the book!

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