After landing in the underworld, everyone watched the live broadcast in the underworld

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I took the Yuanxi exam for three years and failed every time. Finally, in the fourth year, she came ashore and died.

The Great Emperor Fengdu of the underworld woke up and saw that the people in the underworld were doing nothing and committing crimes all day long. With a wave of his hand, he decided to reform the entire underworld! After four years of research in the human world, he finally found a satisfactory reform officer. The most satisfying thing is that if he is a reform officer, he can join the job in the next second!

After Yuan Xi’s death, she finally realized her dream of joining the army. Faced with the trust of her boss, the expectations of the people in the underworld, and the underworld that was full of waste, she vowed to lead the entire underworld to actively engage in construction and achieve prosperity as soon as possible!

Naihe bridge has been in disrepair for a long time, with only a few crumbling boards left?

Remove the wooden planks and replace them with glass planks to experience the Wangchuan River Project immersively!

Mengpo soup tastes strange and is difficult to eat?

We have developed a new flavor of Meng Po soup, a new oolong tea base, and pearl milk jelly to ensure you have a delicious taste!

Fengdu Mountain is too gloomy, and the hell in the back mountain is extremely scary. New ghosts are crying and shouting and dare not enter?

Put up a sign saying “I miss you in the underworld”, the wind that misses you finally blows to the underworld, and coming to Feng is as easy as traveling!

Build roads and bridges, provide WiFi coverage, and the underworld will develop rapidly! The first car was built, the first high-speed train started running, the first building was built…

The people of the underworld rolled up their sleeves and worked hard together to realize the modernization of the underworld.

Netizens in the Yangjian who were watching the construction work all over the underworld started to reward and encourage: Come on! Work hard for my happiness after death!

A hundred years later, the people in the underworld are drinking fresh Michelle Funeral City lemonade and blowing the beautiful air conditioner. They can’t help but sigh, we are lucky to have reform officials!

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