After Kicking The Original Sect, She Discovered That The Villain Was Ambitious

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[The low rating means there are few people who rated it, Shuang Jie + Secret Love + Han Han Sect, two-way pampering, no whitewashing of the true villain]

[The female partner who controls ghosts is salty or sweet, and the devil is beautiful, strong, and miserable, but the swordsman is evil. The dark male protagonist has bad views. He plays a straight game. He is crazy to the outside but a good little loyal dog to the inside~]

Bai Qiao is the senior sister of Tianhe Sect. She has extraordinary talents and is capable of cultivating both alchemy and talismans. However, she was stolen from the limelight by the help of the system by the little junior sister who came from the book (the text has been offline) .

The fiancé she picked up cheated on her, and Bai Qiao, who was forced to get married, was worried: she couldn’t find her husband!

Someone hit her face with a ball: Can’t you see me? I can’t be your man?

“… ” Bai Qiao woke up, kicked away her ex-fiancé, left the original sect, and turned around to join the hostile sect!

However, she never imagined that a certain black fox has been coveting her for a long time.

Confusing her brother: I’ll give you the number one spot on the list, and give me the brother-in-law position.

Seducing her little brother: Want to learn this trick? Call me brother-in-law, and I’ll teach you and teach you how to do it.

Her father convinced others with his “virtue”: Father-in-law, who are you going to kill tonight?

Until one day, she realized that this was a book

The lady wearing the book said: The people around you are villains!

Bai Qiao was shocked when he knew who the villain was.

However, the man hugged her waist from behind, and pressed the ice sword against her neck. His narrow Danfeng eyes were full of control, and there was a strange color in the corners of his eyes. He put his lips close to her ear and whispered softly, “Qiaoqiao… You don’t want to escape, do you? ”

In fact, there is a secret in the heart of the sinister boy, which no one has known for many years.

A long time ago there was a little slave who lived on the streets. He had no name and didn’t trust anyone.

Until an umbrella tilted to protect him from the rain, he saw the first ray of light in his life

She asked: “Little beggar, do you want to go home with me?

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