After I Died, the Scum Gong’s Grief was Too Much for Him to Live


Xu Zhun got terminally ill, and the doctor said that he has only three months of life.

He wants to spend a little time left to love He Chengyang but He Chengyang used his little time left to brutally hurt him.

Xu Zhun: If I die one day, will you be sad?

He Chengyang: Shouldn’t I be happy?

Xu Zhun was really dead, but He Chengyang, who was supposed to be happy, knelt in front of his grave and cried. He said: Xiaozhun, come back! I am willing to lose my life for you to come back!

After Xu Zhun was reborn, He Chengyang humbled and licked: “Xiao Zhun give me a chance this time for me to love you!”

Xu Zhun kicked him off: “But I don’t love you anymore!”

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