After her luck was taken away, she tortured everyone in the sect and cried

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In the novel about cultivating immortals, Jiang Zhanyue becomes a cannon fodder that is hated by everyone. All the treasures of heaven and earth belong to the female protagonist, the junior sister, and the entire sect revolves around that female protagonist. Even the four closest junior brothers suddenly developed love minds after the female protagonist appeared.

A certain swordsman master who disappeared and returned: She is so pitiful! She was already frail and sick, but apprentices No. [-] To No. [-] Still bullied her! They were all expelled from the master, and from now on she would be the only disciple of Sword Master.

A certain scheming rich cultivator: She is so pitiful! I was already impoverished, and all my magic weapons were taken away by that junior sister! Send that junior sister to jail. He is the one who robbed the rich and gave to the poor.

A certain poisonous-tongued medical practitioner uncle: She is so pitiful! She was already dying, but there were still a bunch of unsightly idiots who wanted to harm her! Someone tried the newly made poison.

The new natal sword of a certain person: She is so pitiful… a ghost! The monster who stabbed through the Ten Thousand Demons Prison pretends to be useless. Who is the poor one?

Jiang Zhanyue herself held a plate of melon seeds brought from the lair of the strongest demon: Huh? What are you talking about?


As before, there is no CP in the main text. The female protagonist in the extra story has a destination, but it is just a destination and does not mean that she is the male protagonist. This article has a single protagonist. The whole text only has single arrows, and the heroine is not moved at all.

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