After Gao married the prince, the sick and weak concubine lost her horse

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The first time Jiang Yuwan saw Sheng Tingye was at the Jiang family’s ancestral grave, her grave.

In order to save her life, Jiang Yuwan had an idea, and played a country girl who was dying of a terminal illness and who came to pay respects to her benefactor by taking advantage of the backlight to perform superbly.

She never expected that after she successfully escaped from Sheng Tingye, who could kill with a look, she was sent to the third prince’s mansion by an imperial decree for joy.

The red candle was flickering, and Sheng Tingye looked at the delicate face of the big red brocade handkerchief with red lips, red teeth and white hibiscus with a half-smile.

“Ma’am, isn’t it too long for you to return to the light this time? ”

Jiang Yuwan: “… ! ”


The hottest gossip in Yanjing at the moment is the imperial decree for bestowing marriage.

One is the third prince whose life is hanging by a thread due to the poison in his body.

One is the concubine of the Hubu Shangshufu who has been frail and sickly since she was a child.

Everyone in the world said that if these two short-lived ghosts get together, if they can’t keep together, whoever will die first!

But everyone waited and waited, they didn’t wait for the funeral at the third prince’s mansion, but watched the two step by step hand in hand to step on the supreme throne, trampling down all the people who bullied them in the past.

[Cold, cold, ambitious, crazy critics VS explosive force value, double business online, simply say goodbye and say goodbye to the heroine]

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