After cultivating immortality for a hundred years, the predecessor has become the daughter of destin

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Traveling to the world of cultivating immortals and becoming the young master of the Longevity Gate, Gu Cheng only wants to cultivate the fate of immortals and seek longevity!

It’s a pity that something seems to be going wrong…

“Young master, run away, the elder sister of Tianjianzong who was divorced by you 40 years ago has become a sword master. One person and one sword killed the sect! She said that she can only complete her ruthless swordsmanship if she kills you! ”

“Calm down, it’s just a sword master, I can still stand it. ”

“Young master, run away. The maid who was driven away by you 30 years ago has become the saint of the Heavenly Demon Sect. Now she has led the top ten masters of the Demon Sect to break into the sect. She wants to take you back to the blood sacrifice so that the succession ceremony of the leader can be completed. ”

“Don’t panic, it’s just a monster of the Demon Sect, my father is here. ”

“Run, young master, the peacock you raised 20 years ago was actually the princess of the demon clan, and now he is leading the great sage of the demon clan to arrest you and keep you as her pet! ”

“Don’t be afraid, a monster is always a monster, and you can’t get on the stage. ”

“My young master, the female disciple who was expelled from the sect by you ten years ago actually inherited the throne and became the empress, and now she is in command of a hundred thousand disciples from the immortal sect. I want you to give her an explanation! ”

“… ”

“Hey, young master, young master, don’t run away… What will you do if you run away from the sect? ”

Alias ​​of this book: “I’m here to cultivate immortals, not to fall in love! ” “About the fact that I just want to live forever! ” “” Dear predecessors, I admit that I used to speak a little louder. “” Sincerely, everyone knows this hate! ”

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