After changing the agent, the top streamer loves to tease him

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[Rebellious male star * Yujie’s agent, young, pure sweet. 】

Ever since Shen Jiyao broke up with his previous manager, he has been silent for a long time, so long that fans thought he was hidden by snow.

Until one day his Weibo suddenly sent a notice that he would broadcast live.

The fans looked at the dark-skinned and spirited man with a short hair on the screen, and fell silent.

Shen Jiyao, who was forced to live broadcast the business, was also silent.

Until a pleasant female voice urged impatiently from the side:

“Shen Jiyao, say hello and smile. ”

Immediately after the fans saw in horror, Shen Xingxing, the big boy who has always been jealous and not afraid of being confused, showed a obedient smile towards the camera, then turned his head and asked pitifully:

“Is this okay, Miss Kyra? ”

Only then did the fans know that he had changed his agent, and the new agent returned! Very! Fierce!

They were all worried that Shen Mingxing would go down the old road of breaking up with his manager…

Then one day, a black fan broke out a video of Shen Mingxing throwing a temper tantrum in a certain singer’s variety show.

In the video, Shen Jiyao is arguing with the program crew with a dark face, and neither side will give in to the other.

Netizens and fans were about to comment, when they saw a beautiful woman walking by, pulling Shen Jiyao behind him without saying a word.

And Shen Jiyao, who has always been like a raging lion, instantly transformed into a milk dog, holding the beauty’s arm aggrieved:

“Junjun, they are bullying me! ”

The consolation that beauty never looks back:

“Hey, I’ll help you bully me back. ”

Netizens & Fans: ? ? Beauty who are you?

Who are you, the coquettish girl next to you? ?

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