After Cannon Fodder Gong Started Farming, He Had HE With the Cold Male Protagonist

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After Jiang Baiye, a bully who was idle, who fought with chickens and walked dogs in Qingshui Village, died… he found that he was not only a good young man from modern times, but had also transmigrated into a cannon fodder in a male protagonist counter-attack novel! In the last life, Jiang Baiye obviously did not harm anyone, but when Feng Ping was killed by the villain cousin, Jiang Baiye was the one who ended up becoming the No.1 public enemy of ten miles and eight towns, and was someone that even the mute scholar protagonist next door avoided. He finally ended up with death and a notorious name.

This time (after rebirth), Jiang Baiye became the most promising man in the village. He farmed and sold goods, made progress in a down-to-earth manner, whitewashed himself, and reformed a wave of a top-notch family members along the way, which attracted the attention of the cold male protagonist. So in order to save his own little life, Jiang Baiye climbed over the wall every day to send warmth to the poor male protagonist, who had lost his relatives when he was young, fed him food, and was determined to brush up his presence with this male protagonist who would be a powerful minister in the future, he wanted to turn him into his good brother.


Lu Lizhi gritted his teeth: A good brother who climbed into his bed in the middle of the night?


One day, Jiang Baiye was shocked, his wife seemed to be different from other men?!


Later, when Lu Lizhi took part in the imperial examination, no one knew how he wrote a shocking article and won the first prize in one fell swoop even though he was suffering from morning sickness.


– MC Gong – ML Shou

– Double Cleansing (Both parties involved heal and improve their lives)

– Making effort

– Childbirth (mpreg)

– Farming

– feel good writing


At first wanted to plunder, but then couldn’t help but fall into the love trap, the wild ruffian who loves and is addicted to his wife-Gong MC x In the early stage, he was constantly fed and warmed, he was the mute and Poor little scholar, in the later stage, he became the cold and black bellied minister-Shou ML


1. Shou is born mute and will be cured later.

2. Both ML/MC are straight – will bend, Shou has special body constitution, rare in the world.

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