After being kicked out of a wealthy family, her four brothers doted on her.

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Si Jiu, the high priest of the Haoyue Kingdom thousands of years ago, sacrificed his life to save the country from disaster.

Unexpectedly, when she opened her eyes again, she would be reborn in the modern age and become a fool with a bad reputation and no merit at all. She was kicked out of the house by her wealthy adoptive parents.

However, his biological parents were very poor and had four unmarried older brothers. Even so, they were still being targeted and wanted to destroy their family.

Si Jiu returned to Si’s house and looked at his gentle and kind parents, the elder brother of Longfeng among the four, and at their unyielding fate that was bound by bad luck, and his fists hardened.

Very good. Are you ready to die for the person who ruined her relatives in this life?

In the past, the good-for-nothing and fake daughter suddenly changed her temperament. Not only was her physical strength beyond the limit, her beatings were hard and painful, but she also became a favorite in the eyes of Beidou. She left messages on various social software all day long. To beg her to turn over the cards.

Among the four, Longfeng’s brother finally broke through his shackles and became an elite boss of all parties, and all of them became crazy doting on their sisters.

Just when Si Jiu was about to be a spoiled salted fish, he didn’t expect that the Hades Emperor from thousands of years ago was also in the modern age and turned into…

The beautiful, strong, cool and all-powerful female protagonist VS the sickly, evil and beautiful male protagonist

An An has finished the novel about the heroine: [Master Qin’s little ancestor is a real boss] [Master Gu, Madam’s betrothal gift has been carried out the door! 】, No need to wait for updates, just watch it in one go, friends are welcome to play~

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