After being exiled, she carried an arsenal of weapons and went crazy in ancient times.

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Story of: After being exiled, she carried an arsenal of weapons and went crazy in ancient times.

[System + Hoarding + Strong Women + Exile and Escape + Miracle Doctor + Infrastructure + Farming + Women Disguising as Men] Murong Qin, who was a mercenary in his previous life, once transformed into the grandson of Emperor Daling, and had to be exiled with his cheap parents. , Not only will your home be searched, but you will also be banned from entering the capital forever without a summons? In this case, I don’t want to leave you here, I have my own place to stay. However, if you don’t gather some wool before leaving, wouldn’t you feel sorry for yourself? Collect the arsenal delivered to your door! My father’s future treasury will be collected in advance! Even the prince’s palace of the political enemy was not spared, and all supplies were taken away. Overnight, the palace was stolen, shocking both the government and the public. The culprit had already walked away with his whole family. On the road to exile, giant snakes, assassinations, refugees, and disasters followed one after another? Let the horse come over, she has nothing to be afraid of! The domain is desolate and there is no food at home? Not afraid, she has a system to support her family easily. People are poor, natural disasters and man-made disasters? Don’t panic! Watch her lead everyone to divert water and work on farming. Murong Qin just wanted to lie down and be a salted fish in his life, but he didn’t expect that he was forced to become an infrastructure maniac in the end. Build schools, make inventions, defend against foreign enemies, build cities, and build the strongest king’s division. The armies of the four countries are united to attack the border, and they want to take the city she finally built? Murong Qin, who had not had enough fun, silently lowered his head and looked at the mountains of weapons in the space. Since you are not human beings, don’t blame her for being cruel. ❀❀❀ This is the story of a heroine who originally wanted to live in a corner, but ended up becoming a heroine who obeys me and prospers, and those who go against her perish. There is no CP in the early stage, but the CP in the later stage is uncertain. Babies who like it can enter the pit.

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