After becoming a real daughter, the copy of the evil god followed him

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Lu Yao escaped from the world of fear and unexpectedly transformed into the newly recognized true daughter of a wealthy family.

The real daughter is not welcomed by her parents, and she is bullied and suppressed by the fake daughter everywhere.

Lu Yao originally wanted to settle down and retire.

I don’t want the real world to have already been affected by the game system.

If you don’t pay attention, you will be involved in the copy.

Lu Yao resisted, but he still got involved in the horror game dungeon with the fake daughter.

The dungeon was opened, and everyone looked at Lu Yao with a decadent face and squinted sleepy eyes, and concluded that she must be a newcomer who would only be a hindrance.

Lu Yao looked at his zero-level novice number and silently took out a few talismans from his pocket.

“Ancestor craftsmanship, exorcising ghosts and misfortune, eliminating disasters and resolving problems… ”

Everyone: “This brainless newcomer is actually a liar! ”


Being pulled back to the dungeon world again, Lu Yao decided to lie down and relax.

Facing Yin Ling’s request for his life, Lu Yao patted the paper talisman in his pocket and lay down quietly.

The dungeon was full of weird things, but it crossed the road alone and couldn’t hurt her at all.

The monsters can’t get close to Lu Yao, and the dungeon boss is helpless.

Lu Yao controlled the opposite and lived a relaxed and comfortable life in the dungeon world.

Until one day, Lu Yao’s plan to lie down was forced to terminate.

The awakened evil spirit looked at the human being who had awakened him and let out a deep laugh.

“Got you. ”

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