After a tragic death, the mismatched female partner was killed back

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Readers who like novels have become more and more correct in their views. In the world of novels, there are many unfair female partners who pay for the ignorance, willfulness and mistakes of the little white-flowered heroine. He was innocently implicated and died tragically. Reader bosses finally take action! Crazy spending money to buy golden fingers for the wronged female partner, just so that the wronged female partner who died tragically can live happily until she dies of natural old age. As for the lawless male and female protagonists, let them be infamy for eternity. So, the taskmaster took the system to modify the plot.

The world of novels: You are noble and great. You play a game where you chase her and run away, but she has no wings to fly. Every time you are reluctant to hurt the heroine, you kidnap her sworn best friend and her family to force the heroine to come back? In the end, your best friend’s family died for your love? You came to my grave and told me that we were settled, otherwise with our financial resources we would never be able to live in such a luxurious cemetery after our death? I went to nm, locked the two people up with my backhand, and then evaded taxes and reported the criminal evidence in one go. I’ll send you in to sing “Tears Behind Bars”.

Novel World: You and I dig spiritual roots and you still want me to work hard to save your little junior sister White Lotus who is pretending to be sick? Steal the treasures of heaven and earth that I only get every time I almost lose my life? Do you want me to be grateful and “willingly” hand it to your little junior sister with both hands? In the end, there is no use value anymore. Bai Lianhua just found a reason to frame her and then you all beat him to death? I’m going to nm! He grabbed his things back with his backhand. No worries, Black Dog Blood will give you a pot of blood… (If you like this book, please save it, read it, vote, and give it a five-star rating! This article is a cool article! )

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