Advising the villains to be kind every day

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Zhuang Wan was bound to the task of preventing the villain from becoming black and traveled as a beggar. The villain at that time was not the former prince, but a waste who made a living selling chicken coops and was bullied by some hooligans from time to time.

Zhuang Wan said that she is very satisfied with the villain being so useless! So I decided to brainwash him into an ordinary person and make him useless forever.

The villain wants to join the army, she snorts: “As for you, who has no strength to restrain a chicken, you are also cannon fodder on the battlefield. Rather than die young, it is better to sell chicken coops and die. ”

The villain killed the enemy and made meritorious deeds, she dismissed it: “That is to say, you are lucky, you killed a few shrimp soldiers and crab generals, and you will not be so lucky next time. In the future, it is serious to save your life and return home. ”

The villain paid homage to the general, and she tried to persuade him: “Which of the people in this court is not a hundred-minded, you have a simple mind and strong limbs, how can you get along in this scheming officialdom? It’s better to disarm and return to the fields and return to your hometown as soon as possible. ”

The villain is interested in the heroine, and she strikes mercilessly: “Lick the dog and want everything? Remember, women will only affect the speed at which you draw your knife… ”

In the end, the villain was blackened.

Zhuang Wan was very distressed, did the brainwashing no longer work, or was the method wrong?

She decided to try one last time: “Although you have a strong army and self-respect now, you are alone and alone. It is not easy to restore the country. It is better to let go of the hatred and let’s go to a paradise and live in peace. ”

The villain held her hand: “Okay! ”

“So quick to promise? ”

“Because you… have affected my speed of drawing the knife… ”

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