Accidentally become the public enemy of the entire server

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[ENTP female disguised as a man, a wolf-dog school girl] × [INTP pseudo-split personality and lack of love for seniors]

[Introduction to the game world]:

A year ago, the recognized number one assassin in the server suddenly deleted his account and retired from the game. A year later, as the game version continued to be updated, the assassin became the son of the version due to the emerging circular flow style of play. On the contrary, the once “first dad” swordsman gradually declined and no one cared about it.

Unexpectedly, on the day when the ID protection period ended, a newly registered player in District 1 showed up with the ID of the former number one assassin, and started playing the current version of the sewer profession – Swordsman.

Although the imbalance of numerical values ​​leads to an imbalance in professional ratios, everything is in vain in the face of “hand speed” that is enough to break the Guinness record.


But, who was going to tell Lin Yan who this “cute new guy” who suddenly appeared in front of her and used her old ID to pretend to be a monster and make a lot of money was who she was? Still insisting on becoming her apprentice?

Even… confessed your love?

Little sister, although I play the male role, I am a girl!

A certain “little sister”: …

[Introduction to the three-dimensional world]:

A kidnapping case eleven years ago changed the fate of three children

Lin Yan lost his arms, Lu Xingye lost himself, and Lu Chenyu became someone else.

In the blink of an eye, the little princess of the Lin family turned 18. In order to avoid the engagement party, she had to run away from home and disguised herself as a boy and hid in a boys’ school.

Unexpectedly, on the first day of school, she met her nominal fiancé: Lu Xingye.

So, the gears of fate started turning again at the moment when the princess escaped.

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