A Snowy Night


The man who must be killed.

The woman with suspicious intentions.


“I missed you.

To the point where I was desperate enough to find you and kill you with my own hands. Even though you tried to take my life, I couldn’t forget you. I was ready to sacrifice myself to find you. At least then I could see your face while I’m dying in your arms. I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to lose you.

Because I… I love you.”


Myung, a patriotic spy vowing to avenge the death of her beloved brother, approaches Ryuta Ichikawa as the only daughter of a wealthy Japanese businessman. Before luring Takahiro Ichikawa and his son (Ryuta) to death, Myung must seduce Ryuta in order to obtain information for the patriots. Despite her clumsy and blantant approaches, Ryuta starts to develop a profound interest towards the woman.

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