A Girl Who Dreams of The Sky Flies in The Game World

A Girl Who Dreams of The Sky Flies in The Game World
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For as long as She can remember, She has been fascinated by the vast blue world that has the same name as her.

But she has no wings to fly to that place.

A far-off dream world that no matter how much she reaches out to seek it, no matter how strongly she wishes for it, she will never reach it.

So, that’s why She’s going to…….

Fly in the game world!

Aoki Sora, a girl with parents who are an aircraft pilot and a flight attendant.

She was born with a passion for the sky in her genes, and thanks to the gifted education of her parents, she has grown up to be an excellent sky junkie.

Having always said that she loves the sky more than three meals a day, it didn’t take long before she was no longer satisfied with a life of just putting her feet on the ground day after day.

However, as a human being, much less a high school student, she cannot fly by herself.

Aoki Sora which dreams of a distant world that you can neither reach nor grasp, even though it is there when you look up, and even though you can reach it if you reach out your hand.

It was then that his younger brother showed her a commercial for a VR game.

There, players wearing powered suits called exo-armor, winged mechanical armor, flew freely through the sky.

Aoki Sora runs out of the house as soon as the commercial ends.

Yes, that’s right! You may not be able to in the real world, but in the game world you can fly …………!

This is the story of a girl who never stops loving the vast sky and flying as much as she wants in the game….. or so it should.

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