A Catastrophe For All Races, Why Did This Male Protagonist Collapse?

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In the book that travels through the catastrophe of all races, although the situation of the human race is in mourning, Chen Feng believes that with the protagonist, everything can be solved.

What’s more, if you activate the eugenics and eugenics system by yourself, you still have to go home and give birth to a child.

In order to avoid competing with the male protagonist for a woman, she had to find her cousin first.

【Ding! You have successfully continued your bloodline, with 100 million bottles of top-grade essence-building liquid and one billion pieces of top-grade spiritual crystals. 】

【Ding! You successfully give birth to a son, and you will be rewarded with the secret magic Yuanling Holy Art, SSS power activation card, and the Law of Thunder… 】

【Ding! You successfully gave birth to your second son… ]

While the protagonist group went to the battlefield to kill the enemy bravely, Chen Feng was behind with his wife and children on the hot bed. Occasionally he would enter the battlefield of thousands of races and capture several saints from other races.

And the fate of the human race also ushered in a change on this day.

Chen Feng’s children are all outstanding people.

The eighteen-year-old eldest son, on the day he entered the battlefield, he slaughtered the top ten demon generals with unparalleled blood!

The second son is in charge of thunder, and his powerful thunder shatters all enemies’ illusions.

The third daughter mastered the power of light and melted countless alien nests.

Fourth son…

In another twenty years, the ten great emperors who will be the pillars of the human race on the battlefield will all be descendants of Chen Feng!

Half of the top one hundred geniuses in the human race are his descendants.

And Chen Feng is known as the light of the human race, the father of the great emperor, and the nightmare of all races!

At this time, Chen Feng discovered, why did the protagonist collapse?

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