A Boy Who Wants to Create a Yandere Harem and The Yandere Girls Who Want to Monopolize Him


Akira Endo is a perfect high school student. He is the student council president and is ranked first in the national mock examinations. He is also a good athlete and is sought after by all the sports clubs. His only flaw is his strong desire for Yandere.

“I want a Yandere harem… ”

He says this every day when he is not in the mood. One day, Akira saves an Old man from being run over by a truck.

The Old man seemed to be a god and said he would grant Akira’s one wish.

Of course, Akira made this wish.

“To meet many yandere girls! ”

And so Akira meets many Yandere girls, falls in love with them, and gets involved in a lot of trouble.

A mysterious light protects Akira from being filmed by surveillance cameras, eventually leading the Yandere girls to a bloodless reconciliation.

Eventually, he becomes the master of the yandere harem. He is the savior of all Yandere.

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