80s: After Marrying a Disabled Man, I Am Really Fragrant

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[Twins born first get married and then love sweet pets]

In her previous life, she obeyed her parents’ advice, but what she got was the step-by-step calculations of her parents and sister. She was hopeless and just wanted to live a few more days for her daughter, but she was told that he would never marry for her.

She had complained and hated him, but in the end she dragged her sick body to see him in order to keep him alive, and finally died in front of his hospital bed.

She thought that being able to die next to him was the most beautiful gift God had given her, but she didn’t expect that God had also given her a huge gift.

She was actually reborn, back to the day she divorced him.

In this life, she did not hesitate to sever ties with her natal family.

In this life, she chose to hold on to him tightly, for herself and her two children.

In this life, she worked hard to become rich and well-off, and worked hard to make herself better.

In this life, she not only wanted to get his person, but also wanted to get his heart.

When she tried to make herself worthy of him, when she tried to plan how to steal his heart, she realized that he had already given his heart to her.

When did it happen?

It was when she married him without hesitation.

It was when she came to see him not long after her death.

It was when he quietly held her in his arms in the dead of night.

When he discovered her secret, he hugged her and whispered: My little wife, you have revealed your secret.

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